The Doyles have lived in their detached house (185 square metres) for 30 years. Their children have grown up and recently moved out. The Doyles have decided now is the perfect time to upgrade to a warmer, greener home. Their house was initially built in the 1950s and had an E2 rating.

Following an initial consultation with CU Greener Homes, the Doyles went ahead with a Home Energy Assessment, which is a deep analysis of their building fabric and energy upgrade requirements prior to works commencing. This specialised technical assessment included a Technical Building Energy Rating (BER) Assessment, Air Tightness Test and a Heat Loss Indicator (HLI) report*.

These reports were discussed in detail with the Doyles which enabled an upgrade package of works to be designed that suited their needs and guaranteed a post-works BER of A1.

As part of this project, the Doyles installed external wall insulation, floor and roof insulation, new windows and doors, a heat pump, radiators and underfloor heating, a new stove, solar PV and demand controlled ventilation.

This energy improvement and BER uplift secured grant funding of €38,959 including additional Energia support.

Project Cost – €133,841

Less SEAI Grant – €35,400

Less Energia Support – €3,559

VAT@13.5% – €12,809

Net Project Cost – €107,961

Credit Union Loan – The Doyles had some savings set aside to part fund the project. They borrowed €90,000 from their local credit union in order to fund the remaining balance.

As their house was being upgraded to an A1 rating, they qualified for a low-cost loan at 4.79% (4.9% APR**). Setting the loan term over 10 years, the Doyles have monthly loan payments of €945.38.

Following completion of the works, a further BER was conducted post works to confirm that the Doyles’ home is now A1 rated. It is now much warmer and more comfortable to live in. They have significantly reduced their energy bills and their carbon footprint by eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

* The Initial Technical Assessment Cost (Technical BER Assessment, Proposed Works, + Link to software calculation and HLI) was €950 (exclusive of VAT @23%). The Doyles grant funding of €350 for the test was discounted up front from this amount. The total payable amount for the Technical Assessment was €738.

**A €90,000 home improvement loan over 10 years at a 4.79% interest rate (4.9% APR) has 120 monthly repayments of €945.38. The total amount repayable is €113,445.60.

This case study is for illustrative purposes only.