• What is a BER and why is it important?

    A Building Energy Rating or BER is an energy label for homes. The rating is a simple A to G scale, with A-rated homes being the most energy efficient.

    For home owners, improving a home’s energy rating will not only enhance the warmth and comfort of the home, it can significantly reduce energy bills, while also reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment.

    In order to encourage people to make their homes more energy efficient, the SEAI offer grants which are determined by the energy enhancements to the home. In addition, credit unions participating in this scheme will offer the lowest interest rates for loans which make the biggest energy improvements.

  • What work is covered as part of this scheme?
    This scheme covers all types of home energy efficiency upgrades.
    This includes:

    • Double/ Triple Glazed Windows
    • Solar Panels
    • Attic insulation
    • Demand Ventilation Schemes
    • Heating Controls
    • Exterior Wall Insulation
    • Interior Wall Insulation
    • Insulated Doors
    • Heat Pumps
    • New Boiler
  • Who can apply?
    This scheme is open to members and potential members of all participating credit unions.
    If your local credit union is not participating in the scheme, visit www.creditunion.ie to find their contact details or to submit an online loan enquiry.

  • What grants are available?
    In total, grants and support of up to 40% are available as part of this scheme. Visit Grants and Eligible Upgrades for more information.

  • You mention that the grant funding is provided up front. What does this mean?
    If you are approved by the SEAI for grant funding as part of this scheme, you will immediately be discounted this amount from the overall project cost. You will not have to wait until the project is complete to avail of this funding.
  • How can I fund the cost of the project?
    Credit unions can provide low-cost loan finance, if required, as part of this scheme. If you choose to submit a loan enquiry as part of the application process, a member of staff from your local participating credit union will get in touch with you to see how your credit union can help you to finance any home improvement work.
  • Do I have to get a credit union loan to participate in the scheme?
    No. The participating credit unions have substantial funds to lend to people who require finance. However, if you do not need finance, you can still proceed to get a quote within this scheme without availing of a credit union loan.
  • Do I need to be an Energia customer to avail of these grants?
    No. The SEAI provide a range of grant supports of up to 35% to people who are upgrading their homes. In addition, Energia will provide additional support of up to 5% giving you the opportunity to avail of a market leading discount of up to 40% on your home improvements.
  • What happens when I submit an enquiry?
    Once you submit an enquiry via the energy calculator, an engineer from House2Home will contact you to give you a free energy consultation. They will consult with you on the type of work which you might be interested in, the impact which this might have and the grant support available to you. Depending on the nature of the enquiry, a site survey may be necessary.

    If you choose to go ahead with the work, a contract will be put in place between you and House2Home who will be project managing and carrying out the works. You will have a dedicated project manager who will work with you throughout and help to process your grant application.

    As per the scheme’s privacy policy, House2Home will only be provided with details of your requested home improvements and will not have access to any information which you share with a participating credit union.

    If you submit a loan enquiry via the calculator, a member of staff from the participating credit union will contact you to follow up on your enquiry. As the project costs (and thus the finance required) may only be finalised after a site survey has taken place, a follow up will be required at this stage to complete the loan application process.

  • Is there a charge for the consultation with the energy expert?
    The initial telephone consultation with an energy expert is free of charge. Depending on the nature of your enquiry, a home survey may be required.

    For projects which may require deep retrofit work, this will necessitate a comprehensive survey which will incur a charge. The energy expert will discuss this with you, provide a breakdown of the costs and highlight the reports which are provided as part of it.

  • I am a Credit Union representative and I have a question about the scheme?

    If you are a Credit Union staff member and you have questions about the scheme that relate to House 2 Home please contact karl@house2home.ie.